The Super Secret Manhattan Project

The Super Secret Manhattan Project

In 1939, the primary days of World War II, scientists came to know that Hitler’s physicists had discovered the process of splitting a uranium atom. Albert Eintein and Enrico Fermi, who had to fled from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy respectively, were then living in United States. They saw the cloud of dangers, Germany could anytime become an owner of nuclear bomb, which unpredictable Hitler would never hesitate to use on anyone, anywhere, anytime he wants. The aftermath of which.. is just unthinkable.

They both agreed to inform President Roosevelt about the upcoming danger and insist him to order the US atomic researching process to gear up. But though Einstein wrote letter to President himself and Fermi discussed with the officials in Washington personally, none of these policy-makers found necessity to take their fear seriously. Roosevelt just agreed to carry on the project, but not in any hurry. It was 1941, when the whole research process to make atom bomb got a official name, ‘the Manhattan Project’.

Before 1942, the research was limited in Columbia University, the University of Chicago and the University of California at Berkeley. After producing the first ever controlled nuclear chain reaction at the University of Chicago in December that year, the project got a speed bump. Flood of funds started to come. More nuclear plants were built in Hanford, Tennessee, Oak Bridge, Los Alamos. $2 billion were spent, 120000 citizens were employed.

To prevent the axis power knowing about the project, only the inner-circle of scientists and officials knew about the atomic bomb’s research. Rest of the employees and others outside were informed that the project was about simple nuclear researching. Even Vice-President Harry S. Truman was also kept in dark until he became president himself.

After years of efforts, the result day came on 16 July 1945. Scientists, researchers and officials gathered in Alamogordo, New Mexico. The ‘bomb’ was released from a 100-feet high tower. A massive bright flash appeared, seen from 200 miles away. Giant mushroom cloud generated and reached 40,000 feet up. All the window glasses within 100 miles radius were demolished. To cover up the incident, a false story of ‘huge load of ammunition blast in accident’ was set. President Truman was informed about the project success. A worldwide dangerous competition of producing and collecting nuclear weapons just began.