Travel To Mount Fuji, The Crown Of Japan

Travel To Mount Fuji, The Crown Of Japan

The 3776 meters high Mount Fuji is sometimes a subject of worship, sometimes a subject for artists, sometimes a hotspot for tourists. But the volcano shape Japanese mountain surely a magnificent creation of nature. Some may claim, after Himalayan, this is the most beautiful mountain on earth.

Interestingly, Mountain Fuji literally an active volcano. But don’t be alarmed. It last erupted three centuries ago, in 1708. Though it is on the border of Japanese  prefectures Shizuoka and Yamanashi, it can be seen from Tokyo and Yokohama in clear, sunny days.

There is another excellent way view the beauty of Mount Fuji. From train! The route between Tokyo and Osaka is the best here. About 40 minutes in the journey, the best view will be visible near the Shin-Fuji railway station.

But all these depends on weather. If cloud or fog is there, you may have to be disappointed. It’s better to visit during colder seasons rather than summery to ensure better visibility. And early morning and late evening are the best timings.

Many visitors want to stay for a long here and visit the whole area apart from the mountain. If you are one of them, Fuji Five Lake region is the best place for you. It is just at the north south of the mountain. However if you are not satisfied only with the view, but also want to explore it by yourself, July and August are the only time. Because authority allows only this time for climbing.

Some More Glimpse of Mountain Fuji ..