Longest Lightning Ever (400 miles) Recorded In Brazil

(File photo)

The epic ‘megaflash’ was long enough to connect Chicago with Toronto.

World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the weather and climate body of United Nations has announced that they have recorded the longest lightning bolt in history. It occurred in Brazil on 31 October 2018. The 400 miles or 700 kilometers long bolt was as longer as the distance from Boston to Washington DC or from Britain’s London to Basel of Switzerland or from Chicago in US to Canada’s Toronto.

WMO has also announced about another lightning bolt that has made the record of the longest duration. The bolt created in Argentina on 4 March 2019, lasted for 16.73 seconds, which is the longest duration for a lightning bolt in recorded history.

Both of these lightnings have been thoroughly verified by the advanced satellite lightning imaging technology.

The longest lightning bolt recorded in Brazil was so vast in length that it is almost double in size than the previous record holding lightning bolt. That one occurred in Oklahoma, United States on 20 June 2007 with the length of 321 kilometers or 199 miles, less than half of the newest record.

Similarly the new record of the longest duration of lightning bolt not only broke the previous record, but doubled it. The bolt that was created in southern France on 30 August 2012 stayed on sky for 7.74 seconds while the latest one was there for 16.73 seconds.

Scientists who work on thunders and lightnings are saying that it’s not like that these types of lightning flashes with mega length or mega duration aren’t generated regularly. They often do, but with the traditional technology controlled from ground, it was so far not always possible to get the accurate data of all the lighting incidents happening up in the sky. But the latest satellite imaging technology operated from the satellites, can bring all the perfect and flawless necessary information. So now the scientists can record each and every lighting bolt with their actual length, duration, position.