4g Network Will Be Available On Moon Too

(Image: Reuters)

There’s no man on Moon, there’s no home on Moon, there’s no air on Moon, there’s no water on Moon… but there’s 4g mobile network up there. Sound like a silly joke, but soon this is going to be the reality for the nearest neighbour of our planet.

NASA has joined hands with one of the leading global mobile manufacturer Nokia to set up 4g telecommunication network on Moon.

Nokia has informed that their Bells Lab department will execute this exclusive project of installing 4g mobile network there. The task will be completed by late 2022.

NASA has undertaken a super mega project to prepare Moon for human presence for longer periods. It will take upto 2028 to fully accomplish this goal. 14 different companies are going to work with NASA in this grand project. Nokia is one of them, which has been awarded with the task of installing fast and uninterrupted 4g telecommunication network system on Moon, the only natural satellite of planet Earth. Other organizations will take care of the other tasks like managing cryogenic fluid, improvising lunar surface and it’s capability for smoother landings, power generation etc. NASA is paying total $370 million to these 14 companies in return of their services.

After NASA’s official announcement about the mega project last week, Nokia has now disclosed details about their specific role in it. The mobile phone giant stated that among that $370 million grand expenditure of NASA, their share for setting up 4g network on Moon is $14 million.

Nokia has said that they will permanently install the 4g mechanism on Moon so that in future all the missions conducted there can be benefited from it in their own various purposes such as controlling rovers through remote control, real-time navigation, sending high definition videos etc.

Nokia will set up a base station on Moon for operating the network. That will be equipped with sophisticated antennas, softwares and all other necessary logistics supports. And those will be built in such way so that they can resist any harsh weather on Moon and remain active in any situation.

Intuitive Machines, an American company and one of those 14 NASA has assigned for it’s mega master plan, will built the small lander that will be used to put 4g network up there. Nokia is working with the company for the necessary transportation of the 4g setups.

NASA has said the 4g network on the Moon will gradually be upgraded to 5g network in future.