Austria Man Spends Hours In Ice For World Record

Josef Koeberl inside the box of ice aiming to create new world record (Image: Reuters)

If you are told to stay in a box full of ice, how long do you think you can survive there? a minute? 2 minutes? Few more?

If you are not sure, then let’s get introduced to a man who just did that for over 2 hours! Meet Joesf Koeberl from Austria, who yesterday made the world record of remaining in an ice-packed container for the longest time. The athlete by profession was wearing nothing but a swimsuit while completing the unique challenge.

The previous world record of remaining in a box full of ice was held by Jin Songhao from Xiamen city of China. Jin, who also was an athlete, stayed in a similar box for 1 hour 53 minutes 10 seconds. And yesterday Austria’s Joesf Koeberl did the same for 2 hours 8 minutes 47 seconds, means over 15 minutes more than Jin.

The world record breaking event was organized infront of the central railway station in Vienna, the capital of Austria. In presence of some few hundred audience, Koeberl entered into a big box made of transparent glass. The upper portion of the box was open. Buckets of ices were poured into the box until Joesf Koeberl’s body, below his neck, was totally covered with ice pieces. Counting time was then started officially.

As soon the previous record was broken, instead of putting the task to an end, Josef Koeberl decided to stay in ice for few minutes more. Thus he stayed more than two hours in the box.

When the time reached to 2 hours 8 minute 47 seconds to be exact, Josef Koeberl got out from the ice-packed glass container. During the entire period, Koeberl’s temperatures were taken constantly. And after completing the task, doctors waiting there performed a quick health check-up to Koeberl in an on-site ambulance.

However this is not the first time for Koeberl to perform this act in public. Previously in a television show he took the challenge and spent an hour in ice-filled box. It was that attempt, after which he decided to break the world record of staying in ice for the longest period.

After successfully breaking the old world record and creating a new one, Josef Koeberl talked to the journalists. He stated that to ignore the harsh bite of the freezing temperature, he was reflecting only positive thoughts throughout his mind.

He said, “I’m fighting the pain by visualizing and drawing on positive emotions so I can dampen this wave of pain,”

Few hundreds of people yesterday gathered at the venue to witness the event of breaking the world record. They continuously cheered for Josef Koeberl.

After getting out from the ice, Koeberl passed a comment that the sun on his back was then feeling ‘really great’.

Josef Koeberl performed the same challenge last year too. There he managed to remain in ice for half an hour less than yesterday’s duration.

It has been learnt that Koeberl is now planning to even break his own newly built world record. That event will probably be organized next year in Los Angeles.