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Now Blind People Can Enjoy Facebook Images

Now Blind People Can Enjoy Facebook Images

The whole internet now runs on images. Facebook as well. But worldwide, millions of people disable to see can’t get the opportunity to enjoy those. Apps and softwares are there to read the written posts in Facebook and other social medias, but no option were there for seeing any image. But now Facebook is adding a new technology by which blind people can listen what’s the subject of that image, what elements are in, what are the colors etc. Thus they will be able to imagine the image by themselves and enjoy.

The chief of Facebook’s operational department, Sheril Sandberg posted in her page last Tuesday about this new option. She wrote that every single day over 2 billion pictures are being shared by users of Fcebook, Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp. It helps us to engage one to others, to see the life through larger views. But lots of people miss those because of blindness. Now Facebook accessibility launched a new feature, which will describe  the whole image to the user. Thus blind people will come to know what their friends have shared.

Until now, technology of reading out what is written helped blind people to ‘read’ posts or comments. Special brail is also available. But was not possible to get any idea about any picture for them. Now by using artificial intelligence, Facebook is going to solve the task. This technology will describe vocally the subject and elements of the image. Then read out the contents written there. Facebook claims, this can so far detect almost 80 different types of images. The figure will increase time to time. This will be added in every picture as caption. The more images will be scanned, the more it’s database will be enriched.

Facebook tech-engineer Mat King, who became blind by Retinitis Pigmentosar disease (which destroys light-sensing cells of retina) and his team are behind this whole revolutionary project.

Stating that everyone has the right to know about everything shared online, Mat King added that the project currently is in primary level and advancing towards the right direction. It will open the door to all in online society to involve in every discussion.

However, Twitter included almost same type of technology last month. But didn’t get mass attention or endorsement as expected. Facebook is now working to launch a better and more effective version of it. They are also hoping, using it’s procedure, detecting someone’s identity by his/her photo can be possible.