Giant Ships Rented For ‘Mission: Impossible’ Shoot

One of the two giant cruise ships rented for the shooting of the next 'Mission: Impossible' film (Image: Hurtigruten Group)

Due to the worldwide covid-19 pandemic, it was mission impossible for filmmakers so far to shoot any of their films which were pending to be completed for months. But what if a film itself is from the ‘Mission: Impossible’ series? Then it has to be made possible for sure at any cost. To do so, the makers of the latest version of the iconic franchise have done something unique and grand.

Before the lockdown and other restrictions were imposed due to the corona situation across the globe, the production of the seventh film of ‘Mission: Impossible’ series was going smoothly as scheduled. But the pandemic halted everything. After months of unwanted delay, recently filming of the project has got back to track once again. But obviously maintaining all the necessary preparations and precautions. And also, as United States is currently the most effected country in the world, the shooting has been shifted from there to Norway.

And the surprise we are talking about lies upon there. Though the Mission Impossible team aren’t ignoring any of the covid rules in Norway, probably they still are not fully satisfied about the safety of their casts and crews.

To prevent even the slightest possibility of being infected, the ‘Mission: Impossible’ team has rented two luxurious cruise ships to carry on their works inside them. And not only the production activities of the film are being conducted there, the entire team of casts and crews are literally living in those two ships, including Tom Cruise, the lead actor of the franchise.

Want to know how much the producers have spent to hire those two giant ships?… $591,545 per month!… No doubt the film is from ‘Mission: Impossible’ series!

The duo ships are owned by Hurtigruten group. They are named MS Fridtjof Nansen and MS Versteralen. Rented at the end of August, the vessels will be used by Mission: Impossible team till the end of September.

Starred by Tom Cruise, one of the most successful Hollywood heroes in recent decades, all the previous six films of the ‘Mission: Impossible’ franchise had enjoyed overwhelmed commercial success and popularity throughout the world. Following the path, production of the seventh film started in July this year in London. But due to the sudden arrival of the deadly corona situation, shooting of the film had to be postponed for around five months. As in recent weeks governments have gradually started to lift the covid restrictions from countries, the ‘light-camera-action’ roars are once again started to be heard from studios around the globe.

‘Mission: Impossible’ team too joined the list but with all the safety preparations. They also had decided to continue their shooting and other production activities in a such setup from where no one can go outside and none from outside can come in. Thus they now have hired these two giant water vehicles. Not only the shootings will be done inside them, the entire team of casts and crews will literally live there in the middle of the water for few weeks. With zero physical contact with the outside world, everyone on deck therefore will remain totally safe and secure from corona virus.

Now the question may arise why Norway and not anywhere else. The answer is, in Norway the regular covid-19 restrictions are eased for film production companies. However the casts and crews must have to be tested twice for corona within 48 hours of their arrival in Norway. The daily health checkups and other medical protocols are also have to be strictly followed during their stay.

‘Mission: Impossible 7’ is scheduled to be released in November 2021.