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How Long And How You Should Study In A Day?

How Long And How You Should Study In A Day?

The most common question arises in every student’s mind, for how long should I study? For some, 8-10 hours per day is enough. Some will say they stay on desk for 12-14 hours, still not getting expected result. Some infact find their names in toppers’ list studying 3-4 hours only. So why this difference occurs while the syllabus is same and the semester period is fixed? And what advice experts are giving about the total time one should use for study in a day?

Doctors say, daily study hours depends on the student himself. Not everyone’s capacity of memorizing is equal. But what experts are saying, no one should stay in table more than 3 hours at a time. Take a short break of 20-25 minutes. Have a little walk, get fresh air, can eat some snacks or a little chat with whoever available. Then again get back to the table.

Don’t just read.. Read and understand. The more you can understand the topic, the less chance is there to forget. Next part is memorizing. Use some techniques  to do that effectively. Such as making flowcharts containing important points or values of what you are learning. For example, from a history chapter put down the dates, places or events serially into a flowchart. You will get it more easy to learn from it rather than from boring paragraphs.

You can squeeze the time of studying only when you can adopt memorizing faster. A very effective way to do that so is writing just after reading. May be you are trying to memorize some dates and events of history or few formulas of chemistry or mathematics. First read and understand, then read repeatedly as long as it doesn’t get locked in your mind, then take a notebook, make questions by yourself and answer. Check while finished, if there’s mistake, repeat the process again. Keep no doubt, these dates or formulas is going to stay in your brain longer than you can imagine.

Proper timetable is another criteria that a student should check. Experts say, early morning is the best time to study. As in that period, both brain and mind stays in the calmest position in day’s total active hours, so a student can best utilize that time in studying. Keep dusk reserved for revision. Evening is the best time for critical subjects like mathematics and science. Study relaxing subjects like literature in afternoon.

Not everyone has equal grip in all subjects. Some are good in science, some have excellence in literature, some in other. Students usually want to study subjects they are good in. But that’s what they are not supposed to do. Students should give more time and effort on subjects they are weak. Going to be boring at first, but to overcome the loops, this must be done.

To become hard worker, no need to sacrifice resting times. A normal human being should sleep atleast 6 hours in a day. Don’t let the number to decrease. And also keep the night for sleeping, not the daytime.