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E-Cigarettes Showing Success To Stop Smoking

E-Cigarettes Showing Success To Stop Smoking

Researchers have claimed overwhelming success in a document prepared on smoking electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) instead of traditional pieces. Last year a survey was conducted on 18000 people in Britain who were given e-cigarettes to smoke regularly. The result showed, people easily got used to smoke those and therefore were able to quite the harmful general cigarettes. It is seen in earlier researches that e-cigarettes have no side effect at all.

University College of London (UCL) has analyzed all those data collected in 2 years, among those the specific information on who left the normal cigarettes when.

According to statistics, half of the tobacco-taker die each year by cancer and other major diseases. In fact, more 600000 non-smokers also suffer vital health problems due to indirect intaking of smoke from smokers. World Health Organization fears that the death toll in smoke related diseases will exceed 1 billion at the end of the century.

However researchers haven’t got any link that people got addicted in e-cigarettes for ‘liking’. It’s just because, those cigarettes have the same taste, flavor, some even same shape of general cigarettes. That’s why they easily could say ‘hello’ to new cigs and ‘bye’ to harmful ones.

In recent days, e-cigarette’s popularity is increasing around the world. In 2015, the amount of it’s trade was around $7 billion. In the past ‘special’ chewing gum, candy bar etc came to market as alternative of cigarettes, but none could achieve public acceptance.

However there are some black holes on the other side of the issue. E-cigarette is being promoted just to remove normal cigarettes from people’s life. That means the addiction factor remains as same! According to British statistics, currently 2.8 million people there are using e-cigarettes. A fraction of whom weren’t smokers before, but were attracted by the promotions. Now if someday any crisis of e-cigarettes’ supply arise in the market, all of these e-smokers will again start buying regular cigarettes.

Also whether the cigarette is harmful or healthy, one has to pay to get it. In return it doesn’t give any benefit. So buying ‘any kind of’ cigarette is just a matter of wasting money. And as the research has been conducted on 2 years data, it’s right now impossible to comment on the long term effects of e-cigarette.  A number of scientists therefore are not ready to certify electronic cigarette as 100% safe for health. That’s why from scientists to health experts, everyone insists, instead of inventing alternative of cigarettes, its better to find ways of preventing smoking habits.

But the march of science takes time. So right now millions of smokers around the world are just happy to learn about the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes, who are ready to leave smoking, but smoking aren’t ready to leave them.