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Rules And Courtesies Inside An Elevator

Rules And Courtesies Inside An Elevator

Whether a commercial building or a residential one.. office building or shopping mall.. what’s the most common thing you notice? Yes, it’s the elevator.  Many answers can be found on how to rise high in life, but what’s the only answer on how to rise high on a high rise. Yes, that’s also the elevator. In everyday life, more or less, we use lift as an essential transport. But though the journey is very short to be called as journey, there are some basic courtesy lines we should follow when moving in it.

In the rush hours, at a time many people use lift. If you are already in the elevator, and notice someone is coming towards the lift, it’s your duty to press the ‘door open’ button for him. If you are in his place and he does the same for you, don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ for his courtesy.

Usually, elevator’s buttons are set according to the floor numbers. In some cases exceptions can be found. If so, check it first to avoid confusion and embarrassment.

If not so necessary, try to be silent in a lift. As the space inside is quite small and sealed, even your normal voice can appear in high volume to others’ ear. If you meet a friend or colleague inside, just say hi/hello and save the chats until getting out of the lift.

As phone networks disrupt inside elevator, many people yell unnecessarily through phones, which is quite irritating. Try to avoid receiving calls there. If unavoidable, receive and just say, ‘I am inside elevator, will call you back in a minute.’

If you are about to ride 2/3 levels, then it’s better to use stairs. But not necessary for elders, disables or someone carrying heavy or excess goods. If many people are in queue outside an elevator, stand behind the last person. Don’t be insensitive trying to get in first.

Every lift has it’s own capacity of carrying weights. If your elevator is overloaded, request the last person to step out. If you have luggage with you, don’t keep on floor unnecessary spreading and wasting space. Squeeze and let another person to let in.

In case of sneezing or coughing, use handkerchief, or atleast hand. Otherwise it will make you a disgusting, mannerless person to others. When getting off the elevator, move calmly, don’t overtake the person infront you, just follow him.

In Moments Of Mishaps

Elevator is a machine. Sometimes it can dysfunction due to mechanical faults. No need to panic if happens so. When an elevator suddenly stops working for power cut or any other reason, ’emergency lights’ will be on to prevent the inside becoming dark and fearsome. The elevator will then automatically move to the nearest (whether up or down) floor. Now slide the door from inside and get yourself out. But make sure first, you are landing in a floor, not in vacuum.

Must avoid elevator at the time of earthquake or blaze. Because it’s often hard for rescue workers to find elevator survivors in rubbles. The aftermath can be disastrous. When the lift’s roof breaks or the holding rope rips, the elevator starts to fall down very fast. But nowadays ‘speed limiter devices’ are installed in elevators. If the normal falling speed exceeds, it will automatically stop the lift.