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How Flaming Lion Walked On Argentine Stadium?

Giant Flaming Lion Walked Through Argentine Stadium, Check How
(Image: Screenshot from YouTube)

Yesterday evening a deadly flaming lion was seen over the roofs of Jorge Luis Hirschi stadium in Argentina. The giant creature made by fire was at a point landed on the ground of the stadium which were then packed with thousands of people!

What’s in your mind? A paragraph from a fairy tale? Don’t be alarmed. Let me clear everything.

Estudiantes La Plata, an Argentinian club, yesterday inaugurated their own stadium named Jorge Luis Hirschi. In the opening ceremony with other events they arranged a special performance. A giant flaming lion was created through hologram. The 3d shaped body of the creature was projected to be made of flaming fire glowing continuously.

The lion was movable too. At first it walked for few minutes over the roofs of the galleries. Then with a mega leap, it landed on the turf of the stadium.

Another highlight was waiting there. Wherever the lion was putting it’s claws over the turf, that specific area became erupted into flames! Then after few more steps, at it’s last appearance, with a royal standing, swinging the claws and a thundering final roar, the giant ‘king of the beasts’ disappears within flames.

Along with this magnificent display, the opening ceremony of the stadium presented some other attracions like Argentinian rock band Los Autenticos Decadentes’s live performance, a friendly match between the club’s former icons and fireworks.

President of the Estudiantes La Plata club Juan Sebastian Veron said in his speech in the ceremony that it was very emotional for him to see them all over there. He told, “”It is a dream come true, but this is not the destination, this is a starting point for more joys to come.”

Let’s check the giant flaming lion’s activities over the stadium :