New Forbes List Of Highest-Paid Celebrities

This year's top 3 highest paid celebrities: model Kylie Jenner ($590 million), rapper Kanye West ($170 million) and tennis star Roger Federer ($106.3 million)

Forbes has announced this year’s annual list of highest paid celebrities in the world. This year the global celebs in top 100 positions have altogether earned around $6.1 billion. The figure is $2 billion less than the previous year. Due to corona pandemic, from productions of films, tv series, reality shows to events like concerts and festivals, almost all are in halt. And that contributed to this declining of overall income of the stars and megastars worldwide.

This year US model Kylie Jenner has topped the list with her annual income of $590 million. US rapper Kanye West​ grabbed the second position, however with an earning of $170 million, a lot less than Kylie.

Notable musical entries of this year’s top 100 list are Ariana Grande at 17th position with $72 million, Ed Sheeran at 23th with $64 million and Taylor Swift at 25th with the earning of $63.5 million.

Couple of international sports stars have strongly owned their presence in the top 100 highest paid celebrities list. Among them tennis legend Roger Federer is in third position. His income this year was $106.3 million. Football giant Cristiano Ronaldo got the 4th position. His earning was $105 million. Another soccer megastar Lionel Messi is placed at 5th position as he earned $104 million this year. Neymar Jr. is at 7th position with his $95.5 million annual earning.

The other notable celebrities in this year’s list are actor Dwayne Johnson at 10th position with his earning of $87.5 million, host Ellen Degeneres at 12th position with $84 million, singer Elton John at 14th with $81 million, chef Gordon Ramsay at 19th with $70 million, golfer Tiger Woods at 26th with $62.3 million, Harry Potter’s creator J K Rowling at 28th position with $60 million, actor Vin Diesel at 39th with $54 million, model Kim Kardashian at 48th with $49.5 million, magician David Copperfield and singer Rihanna jointly at 60th position with $46 million, tennis player Novak Djokovic at 68th with $44.6 million, actor Will Smith at 69th with$44.5 million, actor Jackie Chan and tennis player Rafael Nadal jointly at 80th position with $40 million, singer Katy Perry at 86th with $38.5 million, singer Lady Gaga at 87th with $38 million, host Oprah Winfrey at 91st with $37 million and actress Angelina Jolie at 99th position with her earning of $35.5 million.