Giant Dinosaur Bone Discovered In France

Giant Dinosaur Bone Discovered In France
(Image: Georges Gobet/ AFP/ Getty Images)

Scientists have found a giant dinosaur bone in the south-western part of France. The site where the thigh bone was found has been gifting scientists with huge number of fossils for nearly a decade.

The discovered bone is of about 2 metres (6.6 feet) in length. Found in Angeac commune of France, the owner of the bone is believed to be sauropod dinosaur. This type of dinosaurs were vegetarian and better known for their incredibly long neck and tail.

Sauropods, who existed specially in the late Jurassic era, are considered as one of the largest animal groups in history.

Palaeontologists are saying that they are not amazed with the size of the bone, but with the condition. Such good form for a dinosaur fossil buried for millions of years is quite impressive, saying the researchers working on it now.

As Ronan Allain from the National History Museum of Paris was saying, “We can see even the insertions of muscles and tendons and scars.” He added that this kind of big pieces usually tend to collapse in on themselves and then breaks. from that view, the newly found bone is a rare sample.

Giant Dinosaur Bone Discovered In France
The discovered bone is from sauropod dinosaur

What could be the approximate size of the bone owner?

The newly discovered bone is from the body of a sauropod dinosaur. This genre saw their good time on earth almost 140 million years ago. Each of them used to weigh from 40 to 50 tones.

In 2010, another thigh bone of a sauropod category dinosaur was found at the same site of Angeac. It’s length was 2.2 metres and weight was about 500 kilos.

This week’s discovered bone will probably going to be almost of same size and weight, scientists are assuming. But it may probably take a week and a crane to fully recover and lift the bone from ground.

What else is Angeac is showering to scientists?

The Angeac commune of south-western France has become a gift shop for scientists. Since 2010, more than 7500 fossils from 40 different species of animals has been found in this spot. Among those, bones of stegosauruses and a herd of ostrich dinosaurs can be mentioned specially. All these findings has make Angeac as one of the most notable sites of such importance in entire Europe.

Researchers are hoping to find more skeleton pieces of dinosaur and other animals in future from the site. Currently about 70 scientists are working here since this summer.