Japan Introduces Elbow-opening Door In Corona

This is the door that can be opened and closed by the user's elbow, making the person safe from corona infection risk (Image: All Nippon Airways Co Ltd and Jamco Corporation)

Due to corona pandemic, people around the world are now amaintaining social distances from one another. They are also preventing themselves from touching things which are commonly touched by other people too.

Such items like door handles or lift buttons are believed to be some of the potential virus spreaders as they are used by multiple persons. But now people literally have no other option but to put hands on them. Because lockdown and other restrictions have already been lifted from most parts of the world. Offices, businesses, tourist spots have been re-opened.

And when you are going to your office or checking in a hotel, you have to have your hand on door knobs, stair railings or elevator buttons, whether you want it or not.

Wish you could open a door without using your hand!

Well! With such a thought, Japan’s ‘All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) has introduced a specially customized door which can be operated by your elbow only, not by hand.

This unique door mechanism currently is in experimental phase and can be seen and used only in Tokyo’s Haneda Airport. Till the end of August, feedbacks from the users of this door will be collected. And based on their opinions, authority will later decide whether to continue the feature permanently or not.

There are two parts of this newly invented door’s operating mechanism. One to close it after the user enters inside. And the other to open it from inside. Both processes will be done by the person’s elbow, no need to use hand at all.

‘All Nippon Airways’ (ANA) previously introduced sensor-run water taps in toilets in some of their airplanes. Those also require zero connection with the hand while using.

Following that idea, ANA later decided to convert their toilet doors too into something that won’t need hand to open or close them. At first they built a type of door that can be controlled with leg. But they later dropped the idea because users can lose their balances while standing on one leg as they were using the other to open or close the door.

Instead of that, now they have come up with the idea of doing the same thing with the users’ elbows. However it’s not clear yet, if it is finally approved, whether the new form of door mechanism will have to get approval from the aviation standards and regulations controlling authorities in future.