‘Joker’ Creates History As First R-rated Film To Earn $1 Billion

‘Joker’ Creates History As First R-rated Film To Earn $1 Billion
(Image: Todd Phillips, Instagram)

The 2019 psycho-thriller movie ‘Joker’ has created history. No other R-rated film had ever before could earn $1 billion worldwide. The Todd Phillips directed movie has just done that.

In the United States, according to presence of sensitive materials like violence or sexuality, movies are tagged into different categories. R-rated or Restricted-rated is the highest of the four categories permitted for minor audiences to watch. Movies in this category can be enjoyed by under 17 children only at the presence of their guardians. Due to some disturbing violent scenes, the film ‘Joker’ was labeled as R-rated film.

As a notable number of minor viewers, as well as some adults are excluded from R-rated movie audiences, the commercial success of this category productions are naturally happened to be less than other films. Moreover movies with sensitive contents are restricted in few countries including big market China. For these reasons any of the R-rated movies in history couldn’t established the $1 billion earning benchmark so far. At last, ‘Joker’ broke the deadlock.

Earlier this month ‘Joker’ became the highest earning comic character based movie in history. And now it set up the $1 billion earning milestone as the first R-rated film ever. You will be surprised to know this Todd Phillips directed film was made under the budget of only $62.5 million!

Right now with the $1 billion plus earning, ‘Joker’ is far above than it’s nearest competitors ‘Deadpool 2’ ($785 million) and ‘Deadpool’ ($783 million) in the list of highest earning R-rated movies ever.