World’s Oldest Man From South Africa Dies At 116

Fredie Blom, dies at the age of approximately 116 (Image: Independent Online, IOL)

The man recorded as the oldest person on earth has passed away. Fredie Blom, from South Africa, was 116 years old.

According to his official documents, Fredie Blom was born in May 1904 in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. However ‘Guinness World Records’ authority has never either verified his age or recognized him as the oldest man in the world.

Fredie Blom lost his entire family due to Spanish flu pandemic in around 1918. Teenage Fredie somehow managed to survive. He witnessed both the World Wars, apartheid rule in own country, Nelson Mandela’s decades long movement against it and many more remarkable events in his lifetime.

In an interview with BBC two years ago, Fredie commented that the ‘man above’ (God) has all the power and he is alive only because of him. He could’ve dropped any time but he (God) hold him.

Fredie worked as a laborer during most of his working life. At the beginning he used to work in farms. Later he shifted himself into construction field. Fredie Blom retired in his 80’s.

Though he had drinking habit once upon a time, Fredie gave that up long ago. But he used to smoke till the end of his life.

However this year on his 116th birthday, Fredie couldn’t buy and enjoy cigarettes due to the countrywide lockdown imposed by the South African government for corona pandemic!

Fredie Blom’s family has stated about his death that he passed away with natural causes in Cape Town last Saturday. They informed that even two weeks before his death, Fredie, ‘a strong man, full of pride’ had chopped woods by himself. However his body shrunk a lot in his last days. Fredie Blom’s family has dismissed any possibility of Covid-19 infection as the cause of Fredie’s death.