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Ideal Food Habit For Perfect Sex Life

Ideal Food Habit For Perfect Sex Life

Food controls human body in any and many ways. A good food habit makes someone strong both physically and mentally. But some foods are there which may decrease man-woman’s sexual ability. Let’s know about some of these foods.

What To Eat

– Keep dark chocolate in your food chart. Because lots of endoformin are there in dark chocolate. It’s very good for woman for engaging physically with man. Orange can be an appropriate option, infact it doesn’t have other health risks.

– Mental pressure and tension prevent normal sex life. So eggs should be in regular menu. Egg has vitamin B5 and B6, these help to increase body stamina.

– This season is of watermelon and strawberry. These two fruits are considered as ‘natural stimulator ‘. A kind of amino acid called ‘citrulline’ is in these two. It helps to squeeze and expand blood vessels.

– To get instant help in sexual problems, saffron can be added in daily food chart. According to recent research on effects of natural ‘aphrodisiac’ foods, saffron increases sexual desire.

– Another addable food in list is garlic. It is well-known for increasing the speed of sexual activities. It has lots of ‘allicin’ which speeds up blood circulation in specific organs.

– Some other essential foods for healthy sexual life are sea fishes, Walnuts, ginger and nuts.

What To Avoid

– Nutrition experts of United States have seen in researches, intaking 120 grams soya directly or along with other foods decreases the testosterone level. Moreover it also decreases male sperms. So remove it from your chart.

– Refined carbohydrate prevents sex hunger of human. Refined glucose also decreases testosterone level.

– Drug or alcohol addicted people aren’t happy in sexual life. Excessive alcohol creates problem in erectile and organism. Alcohol and rich food make people tired very quickly.

– Remove food that have too much anti-biotic or hormones. Red meat has excessive hormones which creates imbalance of natural hormones in human body.