Keep 4 Things In Mind Before Having Second Child

Becoming a mother is the best event for any woman’s life. A kid’s laughing or coughing, crying or trying to walk or talk fill up even the emptiest corner of her family. Depending on choice or social circumstances, some mothers are happy with a single child, some expect another, some want to raise more kids.

It is seen in many cases that a mother already having a child doesn’t give the same effort in planning and preparing for her second child as she did for her first one. They assume the experience they had in the first time is enough for the next too.

However it’s not that simple, challenging infact. Having a second child definitely impacts a woman’s physical, mental and professional status. If also effects the first child, who from now on will have to share his parents entire attention with his/her sibling.

Let’s know the four vital questions on which it depends whether you are really ready to have your second kid.

Are you physically and mentally prepared?

You already have a child to whom you have given all your time attention so far. As you are now intending to have another child, you have to divide those to your both child. You have to ensure about the proper time management so that neither of your children become deprived from your care. Also the physical pain and changes you experienced during your first pregnancy, now you have to bear them once again. Be sure your body and mind are ready for them.

What about adjusting your career?

If you are a working woman, your motherhood will temporarily affect your professional career. You have to take a break for atleast few months from your job or have to get the facility of working from home. After having the second child, you have to balance your time between your both children and your job. Get the necessary planning and preparations in advance to avoid any unwanted situation in your career. You can take help from your family and friends for proper planning.

Ready to face the financial challenge?

As the size of a family increases, so does the cost of maintenance. In most families, it’s only husband, wife and their children. In some, other relatives are included too. The incomes of the families also differ. Sometimes expenses on children are more than that on adults. Because the family has to spend a notable amount for the kid’s education, food, clothing, entertainment etc. When another child arrives, those expenses naturally become almost double. If you are in a limited income family, check first whether it has the financial capacity to manage that extra expense.

Have you explained your first child about it?

As said at the beginning, when you are having a new baby, it may somehow affect the psychology of your first child. As the entire family will pay their major attention to the newborn, he/she may feel neglected. Now as a mother it’s initially your duty to help him/her to overcome the situation. Before having your second child, discuss the matter openly with your first kid so that he/she can feel comfortable and can happily welcome his/her new sibling.