Singapore Bans All Kinds Of Soft Drinks Commercial

Singapore Bans All Kinds Of Soft Drinks Commercial
(Image: Reuters)

As the first country in the world, the tiny city-state Singapore has taken an unprecedented step towards healthcare. The wealthy south-east Asian nation has banned all forms of commercials for soft drinks which contain high amount of ‘sugar’.

Health minister of Singapore has stated that all kinds of soft drinks that have high level of sugar in them, will be included in this restriction. From now on, they won’t be allowed to publish any form of commercials in print, electronic or online media any more.

He also informed that an opinion poll had been conducted last year over the issue to know whether such step taken by the government would be accepted by the people or not. And as expected the result was for the ban.

In a statement, the health ministry of Singapore stated that along with soft drinks, this ban will be implemented on juices, milk based drinks and instant coffees too. As harmful sugary elements are used to make them as well.

Apart from banning commercials, government has also made it mandatory for soft drink producers to publish the specific quantity of sugar on the packet, bottle or can of the product, so that the consumer can be notified exactly how much sugar he/she is taking from that drink.

The Singaporean health minister has warned that it is the first major step in their battle against diabetic. In future they may consider to impose high tax on these products and even can think of banning the entire products if necessary.

War Against Diabetic

Eating excessive sugar or sugary foods can lead a person to obesity, diabetic and major heart diseases. According to World Health Organization, those who have one or two cans of soft drinks every day, are at risk of having type-2 diabetic 26 percent more than those who enjoy them not very often.

The obesity problem are now worldwide three times higher than it was in 1975.

And the problem is in bad shape in regions like Singapore. As the country is among the wealthiest nations in the world, it’s citizens used to spend more money on tasty but harmful drinks than others. Which is putting them on risks of having obesity or diabetic or heart issues.

According to the ‘World Diabetic Foundation’, 1 in every 7 Singaporeans had diabetic in the year 2017. Undoubtedly, that is a worrisome statistic for the government of Singapore.

Months before the decision of banning soft drinks commercials was taken, the government conducted a nationwide opinion poll to know the citizens’ thought over the proposal. The officials were pleased to see that over 70 percent of the participants were in favor of the proposal.

The health department of Singapore has argued to the soft drink producers to invent such kind of drink which will be tasty and healthy at the same time.

In a statement, the Singapore chapter of Coca-Cola has agreed with Singapore government’s stance over the the harmful effects of regular soft drinks on public health. Appreciating the decision of banning soft drinks commercials, they commented that this will help consumers to intake less sugars.

The super brand added that they are currently working to produce less-sugar and sugarless Coca-Cola for the customers.