Smartphones Soon Can Detect The Drunks Too

(Image: Reuters)

Till now specially designed devices had been used to detect the level of alcohol in a person’s body. These devices are mainly used by traffic polices to track people who are overdrunk and unfit to drive.

However a new technology is currently on the way, through which, no need for cops, any individual person himself can identify his body’s alcohol level by his own smartphone.

A group of scientists from United States have recently conducted a research experiment. They attached customized sensors in smartphones and with them tried to detect alcohol level in a group of volunteers’ body.

In the experiment, volunteers who took alcoholic drinks in different quantities were told to walk 10 straight steps ahead and then to come back in opposite direction. They all carried those smartphones connected with special sensors.

Researchers found that the technology they invented and put on phones through sensors could give 90% accurate information about the alcohol levels of their bodies.

Scientists are hoping that through this technology in future road accidents can be reduced dramatically by applying it on smartphones, cars and traffic system.

Total 22 volunteers aged from 21 to 43 participated in the test experiment run by the University of Pittsburgh. They were given vodka mixed with lime juice to drink in every hour, until their alcohol level reaches to 80 milligrammes per 100 millilitres of blood. In most countries including USA and Britain, this is the highest limit for people to be allowed to drive. If someone’s alcohol level in blood exceeds this, he/she won’t be permitted to drive at all.

Participants were then given the smartsphones connected with the special sensors. They were then asked to walk in a straight line for 10 steps and then turn around and come back through the same route.

The connected devices notified correctly at 90% of the time whether the specific person’s alcohol level was above 80 milligrammes or not.

Researchers commented that this experiment was conducted in a limited scale. In future they will test the efficiency of the technology through further major tests and researches.

Scientists are saying that many people remain confused about driving cars after having heavy drinks. They initially don’t want to drive with the risk of accidents. But still they do that as they can’t determine whether their alcohol levels are below the permitted limit or are above.

The newly invented technology may help them if it finally gets nod to be practically used. Their own smartphones they carry will inform them whether they are ready to drive or not. Even scientists are imagining of such version of this mechanism, which will be attached with the car itself and when someone occupies the driving seat, the vehicle will automatically tell the person’s alcoholic condition.