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Soft Drinks Can Destroy Your Memory

Soft Drinks Can Destroy Your Memory

In a recent research it has been found that the soft drinks are harsh enemies of your memory. Even diet sodas had been seen with same threats.

Nowadays many prefer diet soda instead of soft drinks to control their sugar level. The new research shows that as intaking too much soft drinks can decrease your memory power, drinking diet soda daily can increase the threat of stroke beside memory loss risk.

Two different published research results state that sugary and diet, both soft drinks can increase the age of your brain.

The report published on ‘Alzheimer’s and Dementia’ is saying, the density of the brain can lessen of those who take soft drinks frequently. Which will result declining memory power. The hippocampus, which is an essential part of brain to acquire knowledge and memorize them, can day by day become smaller.

Based upon these information, another research was conducted on if there is any harmful effect on those who takes diet soda instead of sugary soft drinks. That result too was disturbing. Along with the memory loss risk, their possibilities of having brain stroke are three times more than normal people who don’t drink either soft drink or diet soda!

Scientists have also commented that diet soda is made by artificial Carbohydrates. So upon drinking too much, it may produce bacteria inside your stomach which may cause notable damages there. The chief researcher of these two studies, Mathew Pas of Boston University added that they have to work more to find on how all these work in detail.

Scientists used data from ‘Framingham Heart Study’ (FIS) for this research.  The risks of having heart diseases, obesity, type-2 diabetes through soft drinks were known so far, but had scarcity in information about it’s effects on brain. The goal of the new researches was to find that out.

For the first test, ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging’ (MRI) scan and ‘Cognitive’ data of 4000 third generation people and their descendants were examined.

Researchers focused on those who consume more than two soft drinks or more than three diet sodas per day.

Those who drink all these in heavy quantity had suffered brain aging, decreasing scale of brain, deteriorating memorizing power and Hippocampus becoming smaller. All of these are basic symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Those who drank diet drinks once a day also faced decreasing brain area and element problem.

For the second research, information on some people already suffered by brain stroke and Alzheimer’s disease were analyzed.

It was seen that those who used to drink atleast one diet soda bottle in a day suffered three times more brain stroke and memory loss than general people.