Some Amazing Health Benefits of Tomato

Once a winter vegetable now can be found in all seasons. It’s tomato. The popularity of this vegetable as food is beyond question. Sometimes raw in salad, sometimes cooked in curry, sometimes as ketchup in fast food… tomato has it’s place everywhere in every cuisine. Equally vast it’s nutrition values are.

Let’s check exactly what kind of benefits you can get from this small red vegetable.

Lycopene is one of the major nutrient contents in tomato. It is red because of the presence of this lycopene. It is seen in researches that lycopene plays an important role in blood circulation of heart. It also help to control blood pressure.

In 2002, an experiment was conducted on pizza, one of the most popular fast foods in the world. It was found there that who eat two or more pizzas in a week, have 23% less risk of getting prostate cancer. However scientists explains that actually it’s not the pizza, but the tomato sauce used on it that reduces the risk. Infact filled with junk materials in high level, doctors encourage to enjoy pizza as less as possible. Apart from prostate cancer, tomato helps to reduce gastric and pancreatic cancer’s risk too.

Tomatoes are very rich source of two of our bodies’ most important nutrition vitamin C and potassium. Around 292 milligram of potassium can be found in a medium sized tomato while a medium banana contains 422 milligram. And a tomato’s puree holds more potassium than a whole tomato.

Diabetes is nowadays a very common disease in urban life. People have to do and spend a lot to keep diabetes under control. Doctors however suggest to keep enough vegetables and fruits in your daily menu tackle the disease properly. Tomato is a strong fighter for that. It helps to prevent the inflammation and damage of tissues caused by diabetes. Eating one tomato each day will help you to control your body’s sugar level as well.

Tomatoes are full of fiber. Around 1.5 gram fiber is stored in a medium sized tomato. Fiber smooths the digestive system. Lack of fiber can cause constipation and irregular bowel movements. So to stay away from these, keep tomatoes in your menu.

Tomatoes contribute a lot to your skin too. Everyday when we go outside, our skin has to bear the harsh sunlight which results various skin complications. It has proven in researches that eating tomatoes regularly protects our skin from harmful ultraviolet rays coming from sunlight.

Tomatoes are very faithful friends to our eyes too. Told you about the lycopene at the beginning. This element also prevents the macular degeneration and cataracts of eyes which grow with ages. As tomatoes are notable source of lycopene, don’t forget to have them in your dishes to prevent those issues. You can add egg and green leafy vegetable too which contain two more necessary elements for eyes, lutein and zeaxanthin.