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Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
(Image: immanuelholidays.com)

Every year Mastercard publishes the Global Destination Cities Index that ranks over 150 cities around the world based on their popularity among the tourists. The list not only contains the top cities of current year, it also do predictions on next year’s possible front runners. Last week Mastercard released the index for 2018. Let’s check from that, which are the top 10 cities that have attracted most number of visitors worldwide.

Bangkok, Thailand
visitors: 20.05 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Bangkok (Image: Getty Images)

For the third consequent year, the Thai capital has secured the top place of the list. And why it won’t be? With old and ancient structures in one hand, collection of modern architecture in other hand, Bangkok can’t be missed by tourists as a have-to-go destination. From the historic Grand Palace Complex to the luxurious Mandarin Oriental, from lots of charming canals across the city to hundreds of street food shops along with the alleys, there’s a lot that made Bangkok the most visited city in the world.

London, UK
visitors: 19.83 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
London (Image: Getty Images)

The British Capital is off course not any less than Bangkok. Once the Queen’s country used to rule one sixth of the world. Naturally the smell of history is found in every corner of London. And now the every option of modern entertainment is connected with it. The well-organized web-like communication system of London is considered the best on the planet by many, whether it’s the bus-taxi ride over the ground or the tube rail beneath. From Buckingham Palace, British Parliament, Thames Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye to pubs and bars in street corners or the elegant hotels designed by prominents like Jacques Garcia, there’s a lot to feel and taste London.

Paris, France
visitors: 17.44 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Paris (Image: spreephoto.de)

Whose there to disagree that Paris in the queen of Europe? City of love, city of art, city of shopping… is the Paris. The French capital is well-known for it’s modern, vibrant hotels and shopping destinations. That’s why tourists have spent the second most $301 per day in Paris this year just after Dubai.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
visitors: 15.79 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Dubai (Image: Jorg Greuel)

The lavish capital of Emirates always loves to overcome even himself in the race of luxury and expense. Last year Dubai ran successful test of drone taxi service and broke own record of building world’s tallest hotel. Now don’t think the city can’t pull up all these grand expenses! In 2018, each tourist spent average $537 per day in Dubai: obviously which is too the highest in the world.

Singapore City, Singapore
visitors: 13.91 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Singapore (Image: John Harper)

One of the wealthiest cities of Asia is Singapore. Just a few years back, which was just a poor fishermen’s land, now is a city of majestic prosperity. The Singapore Airport recently got world’s best airport’s recognition. And the Singapore Airlines is for years one of the dearest airliners among travelers. The city contains the iconic ‘Marina Bay Sands’ and many more luxurious hotels. Numerous appetizing street food vendors spread across the city are another attraction point of Singapore.

New York, USA
visitors: 13.13 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
New York (Image: Getty Images)

From the Italian restaurants in the east to the high rise hotels in the Midtown, there are less city around the globe such diverse and vivid like New York. The average expenditure of tourists in this city was $147 per day. May be it’s far less than Dubai, but highest in entire South and North America continent.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
visitors: 12.58 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Kuala Lumpur (Image: Tdo)

Kuala Lumpur is known as one of the best street food cities in the world. Tourists stays average five and a half nights in Kuala Lumpur, the city that holds elegant hotels like Grand Hayatt and Shangri-La.

Tokyo, Japan
visitors: 11.93 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Tokyo (Image: Alexander Spatari)

The country of bullet train can’t have any complain over travel from tourists. Tokyo has one of the fastest and smoothest transportation systems in the world. The city is home to highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants, it also has the Disneyland! And as the city is preparing to host the 2020 Olympics, fresh and new means of entertainment are emerging here.

Istanbul, Turkey
visitors: 10.70 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Istanbul (Image: Photosensia)

The heritage capital of Turkey has recently experienced notable number of political turmoils. But despite the unrest and travel warning from State Department, Istanbul managed to get the attention from global tourists. Historical structures, local handicrafts like traditional carpets, interesting restaurant setups… Istanbul got everything to be noticed. Even according to Mastercard’s prediction, Istanbul will enjoy approximately 19.7% visitor increase in next year, which will be highest among all cities.

Seoul, South Korea
visitors: 9.54 million

Top 10 Most Popular Cities 2018
Seoul (Image: Getty Images)

Though South Korea organized the Winter Olympics at the beginning of this year, it’s capital Seoul saw a slight decrease in tourist volume comparing to previous year. But still the city that ties the ancient Korean culture and heritage with the most advanced technology, found it’s place in the top 10 list of most visited cities in 2018.