UAE Launches It’s First Mars Mission

(Image: Reuters)

United Arab Emirates has just lined with a very few nations in the world who have sent expedition missions to the red planet Mars. Emirates’ Mars mission named Hope probe was launched from the coast of Japan.

Yesterday the Hope started it’s journey on a H2A rocket from the Tanegashima Space Center on Japan’s southeast coast. Probe has to cross around 500 million kilometers distance before reaching the red planet. It will take a year and a half for him to complete the journey. By February 2020, Hope will arrive in Mars orbit. The same year United Arab Emirates will celebrate 50th anniversary of it’s foundation.

However Probe won’t land on Mars. It will roam around the planet and collect all necessary data on Mars’ weather and climate from up there.

The entire mission is led by a woman, Sarah Al Amiri, quite unusual for an Arab country. She she was overseeing yesterday’s launching event. After the successful beginning of Probe’s journey, relieved and excited Sarah commented that this mission’s impact on her country would be the same as that on America when the Apollo 11 landed on Moon in 1969. coincidentally the date was same, 20 July.

Yesterday’s launch was the third attempt for the launching this week. The previous two dates had to be postponed due to bad weather. Atlast yesterday United Arab Emirates successfully wrote it’s name in the history of space research.

Apart from the UAE project, two more Mars mission are scheduled to be launched this month. Operated by United States and China, they are currently at the last phase of launching procedures.

Conducting a expedition mission on planet Mars in very Expensive. That’s why UAE told it’s scientists at the beginning that for them it’s not possible to buy a spacecraft from giant companies. So they have to build it by their own.

Therefore space scientists from Emirates joined hands with universities of United States. Scientists and engineers jointly designed and built the spacecraft and three adjacent devices. Major portion of this entire process was completed in Colorado University in US and the remaining were done in Dubai’s Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center.

United Arab Emirates however doesn’t intend to just show it’s power or capability through this mission. It wants to truly contribute in space science with this. They not aiming to get findings which are already been found by other countries, but to acquire fresh and unique information that will enrich the overall space research.

Hope probe is going to collect data on the temperature of Mars. How the heat energy moves around during different hours of a day and different seasons of a year will be gathered and observed.

The Hope will also examine lofted dust layer in the atmosphere of Mars, which is considered as one of the vital factors for the planet’s temperature changing. It will also take data on the behavior of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms located at the top of the atmosphere. It is assumed that the answer of why there is no water in Mars now while it was once is hidden behind those behavior. So the Hope probe mission by United Arab Emirates is probably going to help finding a much expected answer scientists are looking for a long time.