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WhatsApp To Introduce Group Video Calling

WhatsApp To Introduce Group Video Calling

The much anticipated F8 Developer Conference of Facebook is going on. The founder and CEO of the popular social media Mark Zuckerberg is announcing new features of Facebook there. And not only Facebook, Zuckerberg is declaring new features of platforms under it like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Last Tuesday, Zuckerberg announced that the WhatsApp is adding the group video calling option. From now on, atleast four persons at a time can join with each other through video chat, which so far was limited between two users.

Mark Zuckerberg told in his address at the evening that video calling is one of the most popular features of WhatsApp. He informed the gathering that users have so far spent 2 billion minutes in WhatsApp video calling. Zuckerberg mentioned his own involvement as he himself use the feature to talk with his daughter while staying out of town.

Facebook is hoping that the new feature will increase it’s popularity much more. Facebook CEO commented that this is another step towards their goal, which is to find newer ways to let users to communicate with each other, off course by maintaining users privacy.

WhatsApp from the very beginning has gained trust of their users for their strict privacy maintaining policy. But WhatsApp is now under Facebook’s authority and everyone knows about the recent privacy scandal of it. Even one of the key members of WhatsApp team Jan Koum has announced to leave the company over the issue.

Mark Zuckerberg have however assured everyone about the privacy concern. He said that when Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, they didn’t have the end-to-end encryption system that time. But now they have the largest fully encrypted communication network in the world.

Along with the video calling option WhatsApp is going to include ‘stickers’. It will let users to enjoy chatting more.